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Mueller Hydro Press Best French Press Coffee and Tea Maker with Patented Pressure Extraction System and Eastman Tritan TX1001 34oz Easy Clean

Put a little magic back in your mornings with hand-pressed Mueller Hydro Press coffee (and tea!) brewer. Watch a column of water disappear and transform into a floating column of coffee as you press. Take control with hands-on brewing that combines the best of handcrafted coffee with truly morning (and pre-caffeine) friendly convenience: Just add hot water and coffee, press, and pour (without spilling a drop thanks to our carefully designed steel pouring edge). And when you’re done enjoying the clean, complex character of coffee brewed with the power of pressure and ultra-fine steel filtration, our patented reusable pod technology keeps mess contained, and waste out of landfills, so your Mueller Hydro Press is easy to clean, and eco-friendly too. Ultra-fine 100 micron stainless steel filtration Shatter resistant and dishwasher safe double-wall Tritan® carafe Solid metal handle and stainless steel pouring edge Medical-grade silicone seals and lid core BPA free

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    • ☕ WHY HYDRO PRESS TECHNOLOGY? Hydro Press Technology is the first of its kind! Engineered by Mueller, it brings you the Aeropress technology you are familiar with but with the convenience of a French press. Easy to use with astounding results, your taste buds will thank you.
    • ☕ VERSATILITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE – Mueller Hydro Press coffee press was designed to be wonderfully versatile. Can be used for loose leaf tea, Iced tea, espresso beverages, frothed milk, lemonades, hot chocolate, fruit infusions, milk, plant tinctures, rinse quinoa and much more.
    • ☕ SAFE & DURABLE – Mueller Hydro Press is made of durable BPA Free ABS with a heat resistant handle which are made to last. 3-part stainless steel mesh filter helps extract your coffee’s aromatic oils and subtle flavors. Completely dishwasher safe.